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Release Blitz and Review- Beneath the Lies by Riann C.Miller

Title: Beneath the Lies
Author: Riann C. Miller
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: January 10, 2016


Beneath the lies are emerald eyes.

Growing up an only child, Kate Reynolds lived a normal, almost sheltered life. When the unthinkable happens and Kate is left all alone in the world, and set to inherit her parents’ fortune, she discovers the evils that truly exist.

Gavin Loman has a tumultuous past: losing his father at a young age, a mother with a destructive personality, and buried secrets even he does not truly understand the depths of. Striking out on his own, he is finally making a name for himself . . . until a green-eyed girl who haunts his dreams comes crashing into his life.

When hidden truths are unveiled and pasts collide, Gavin must protect those he loves from becoming victims to the terrors of his childhood. However, not everything is as it seems . . .

What would you do if everything you held dear was threatened? When the truth you believed is weaved with lies?

My Review 

This was the first read my author Riann C. Miller and I enjoyed it. 

Kate has lived a normal but slightly sheltered life, with no family as such she is set to inherit her parents fortune. 

Gavin has a bit of dysfunctional past and a lot on his plate to deal with. However when he spots a familiar pair of green eyes from his childhood he is determined seek her out and almost instantly his protective alpha male side comes out. 

I was easily hooked into the story line with it twists and turns. There is an element of mystery to the story and an element of trust running throughout. I particularly liked the element of mystery in the story. There is also some great steamy scenes that are in the book. 

Overall an enjoyable read. 

* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review 

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Author Bio

Riann C. Miller is a native of the mid-west where she lives with her husband and two children. Riann has a serious love (maybe even addiction) to reading and a serious passion for romance. Her first release Unlikely Love release September 2015.

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