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Blog Tour- Drift Heat by Adrian R. Hale

Drift Heat Synopsis:
I didn't want to only be known as the pretty, blonde daughter of a famous race car driver. I wanted to make a name for myself and I wasn't going to let anyone get in my way. So when I saw the opportunity of a lifetime, I jumped. Being the face of the hottest new racing team in the business was a dream come true.
Until he showed up.
Griffin McGregor. Bad boy star driver. On the track, he's gold. Off the track? He's everything my daddy ever warned me about. Infuriatingly egotistical, explosive temper, argumentative know-it-all...why does he have to be so freaking hot?
It'll be a miracle if we can get this team to the championship title without killing each other. Or worse. Because the last thing I'm going to do is wreck my career by jumping in bed with a race car driver.
My Review 
This was the first book I have read my Adrian R.Hale and I really loved it. It's been a while since I have read a story about a race driver so I looking forward to this one. 
The story is about Shelby, the daughter of a famous race driver. She doesn't want to live off her off her dad's name and wants to make a name for herself. However when an opportunity presents it self to work on a drift team she comes face to face with arrogant driver Griffin. There is an instant spark between them but Griffin still gives her a bit of a hard time. Will they ever be able to work together to make Shelby's racing dream come true?
This was a fast paced read. I really liked the way the author built up the characters. I had mixed feelings about Griffin throughout the story. At times I really liked him and at others I didn't. Once I got into the story I didn't want to put it down. I really liked the plot and it was very well written. It was a really great story with great characters which I hope will get there own book in the future. I will checking out the authors other books after reading this. 
Overall a great sexy, hot, face paced read which I loved. 

* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review 

Adrian Hale Bio:
Adrian R. Hale is a whirlwind of energy and optimism, just as ready to tell you about her books as she is to invite you over for cookies. She is a big dreamer and believes in chasing them down with speed and enthusiasm, much like the characters she writes. You can find her cycling around Austin, TX, running trails, baking gourmet cupcakes, beautifying people for weddings and photo shoots, and traveling all over the country in pursuit of those interests. Once upon a time, Adrian went to college thinking she would be a journalist but dropped out to go to beauty school. Later she wrote a novel about a hair and makeup artist, so things have definitely come full circle! She loves hearing from her readers at
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